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Matthew Black #1178955

“Another Day”  6/29/20

Living in a single cell, spending a lot of time alone

Making plans for my life, what I’m gonna do when
I get home

Looking back over two decades, can’t believe the
Time I’ve lost

Still haunted by my mistakes, hard to accept how
Much they cost

Staying out of trouble, trying to get to a
“Minimum Security”

My homeboy said I’m getting soft, I told him
“No, it’s called maturity”

Yeah, I’m tatted up, but I never joined a gang

Never one to follow the crowd, stay in my own lane

My other homeboy just left after doing twelve years

No one came to pick him up, saw him holding back

Doesn’t have any goals, just the same old

He comes from a place where people don’t
Believe in dreams

As for me, I almost drowned, but somehow
I stayed afloat

I’m not on dry land yet, but I finally see it
From the boat

Go ahead and send me a letter, my life’s an
Open book

Just don’t expect my heart, cause that’s
Already been took

And even though she had to leave, she still
Won’t give it back

She’ll always be my one true love, that’s all
I’ll say about that



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