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Shout Out For 2020

Just a couple of things to get off my chest about a few people who need to be addressed. For one or two, a couple sentences will do. For three or four, I might need a paragraph or more.


I’ll start with you, you’ve been on my mind.

 I felt we had a bond, since you did a dime.

 But now that you’re home, it’s plain to see.

Your bid affected you differently than mine has me.

Your aunt took care of you while you did your time.

And you won’t answer the phone when the cost is mine.

But it is what it is, it’s not like anyone feels owed.

Just hope you don’t need us again, down the road.


What happened to you to make you give up on life?

Can’t wait to see for myself why you’re not all right.

You were my role model, I wanted to be like you.

Now I hear you gave up, and are some weird recluse.

It’s been 22 long years, since you witnessed my fall.

You’re still in the same place, haven’t progressed at all.

One would think you did all this time in prison.

It’s like you’re only surviving, instead of actually living.

But I’ll be there for you when I come home.

So you know you’re still loved and you’re not alone.


Whether it’s your right arm, your wife, or your brother

If it ain’t one thing, it seems to be another.

You’re a really good person, so it doesn’t make sense.

And if it wasn’t for life in prison, I’d be your defense.

But it is what it is, let sleeping dogs lie.

Cause when it comes to them, what else can we say?

Keep your eyes on what you have to be thankful for.

Your future is bright, so much life for you in store.

You can accomplish anything, set yourself some goals.

But quit working all the time, and find a mate for your soul.

Your bank account’s already straight, one day, mine will be too.

Then I can pay you back for all that copper I left in your shoes (haha!)


Now I get to you, did you think you were exempt?

You almost left me destroyed, how could I forget?

You gave me everything I wanted, the life I dreamed of.

Only to snatch it all away, from under me, pulled the rug.

Stuck back in your old life, having to swallow all your pride.

No one to share your feelings with, keeping them bottled up inside.

Yeah, you made everyone real happy, going back to how things were.

Only because none of them really knows how much better you deserve.

And I can’t provide that for you either, while I’m behind this wall.

But I said that when we started, still you convinced me of it all.

At least with us, our love was alive, our passion never dead.

But with him, the only time you feel his love is when he wants to take you to bed.

Is that really how you’re gonna live the rest of your life?

Because it’s better for everyone else, that you stay being his wife.

Making me the “clown inmate,” a schmuck in denial.

The whole time he’s driving my jalopy, adding a hundred thousand more miles.

Now, instead of counting the days until I finally walk.

All I count are the days since the last time we talked.

You took your finger away, but I still bought you that ring.

I even wrote you a song, and you know I can’t sing.

Check my inbox in the mornings, never know what life has in store.

‘Cause one day, I know for sure, I’ll find my real Maya Moore.

Hope you always remember what you saw when you looked into my eyes.

The way I inspired your heart, all you ever wanted realized.

I don’t mean to be bitter, and I really wish you the best.

But giving up on me will end up your life’s greatest regret!


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