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I Sometimes Wonder

I Sometimes Wonder

I sometimes wonder does it really even matter.

Like these thoughts that go pitter patter in my mind aren’t worth saving.

Saying this all the while yet I still jo ‘em.

Sometimes I really wonder.  Can a good man exist in such a cold world as this?

Or maybe I’m just chasing daydreams that’ll leave me pushing up daisies.

Yet I still try to pursue an existence that would make you proud of me,

And I hope to smile when I warrant stolen glances down from heaven.

I march on strong like the man that you raised me.

Sometimes I really wonder why must all good things come to an end.

Everyone’s prestige seems to fade and fall, lost forever, yet sometimes I wonder.

If we could just stay frozen in the moments. 

Maybe then we’d see life’s simple blessings our Creator, in their tender mercies found worthy of bestowing on their feeble creatures.

Sometimes I really wonder.  Caught stuck pondering the notion.

Like the sands of time swaying in the tides of an ocean.

Nothing ever stays truly idle, there’s cycles and seasons, this I comprehend.

Yet still I’d like to know the reasons why you had to leave me so suddenly, and when we’ll see each other again.

People tell me everything’s gonna be OK….

In the end time, heals everything or so they say.  Any ways…

But I sometimes really wonder.


Matthew McCain

September 2015