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Melvin Thomas #V35835

A Letter to Her

When that mirror you look into is content to tell you lies to make you feel unpretty, to cut you down to size. When it takes away your gold and gives shadow in exchange, when it takes away your joy and replaces it with pain. Remember that you are beautiful, so much more than words can say.

When that mirror you look into fails to give you what you need, when it gives you imperfection for the pretty you should see, when it tells you, you are nothing, or that you don’t deserve to be, know that you are everything, you are beautiful to me.

When that mirror you look into fails to reflect all that it should, the depth of your uniqueness, that every part of you is good. When it tries to hide what should be seen, that you are fashioned in perfection, as flawless as can be. Remember you are beautiful and you are everything to me.

By: Melvin Thomas

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