I Dream Your Dreams

Do you know sometimes I dream of you at night?

To be able to feel your sadness is never alright.

Maybe no one seems to understand that your dreams are nightmares.

Going through different doors of your life where no one cares.

All you wanted was someone who knew how to feel and understand.

That special someone who would always hold your hand.

The place of joy and happiness we haven't been to in awhile.

Where your someone just had to hold you to make you smile.

All that I wanted was for you to put your hand in mine.

To have the faith in another until the end of time.

There is something sacred about the flame in your eyes.

To be with you forever and never tell you no lies.

Every heartbeat I have in me is all for you.

To ease your mind and tell you this love in me is true.

I'll let you go now as the time for dreams slowly slips away.

I want you to know who I am at the start of this new day.

As you wake up to the sunlight warming your face.

Hearing my voice calling for you from another place.

You lay there listening as the walls of sleep begin to fade and fall.

From the shadows you hear me say “You are my one, You are my all”.

My thoughts and my dreams are yours to be.

Do you remember only you can hear me?



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