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Fire in my Heart

The Fire in my Heart

Came from God above

It's such a wonderful blessing

to receive his holy love

He kindled a fire

that makes me whole

It started in my heart

burns deep in my soul

He picked up this poor sinner

He sent me on my way

He promised to be there

every single day

Life is no longer a burden

Sin I must no more endure

He's always watched over me

This, I know for sure

For God loves all his children

He knows them all by name

By accepting our Lord Jesus,

they no longer will be the same

The precious Blood of Jesus

He shed upon the cross

So that each of God's Children's

souls will not be lost

Each day when I awaken,

I say a thankful prayer

I praise you dear Jesus,

for always being there

Now I know such love

Such love I know is true

For God so loved the world,

He gave Jesus to me and you

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