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Nationality Not Religion

Nationality Not Religion

Black lives matter? Who is black?  Civiliter Moriuus!

We are Moors! Nationality is key, I am Noble Drew Ali.

Right message, wrong label!  Yes we matter, eat from your original vine and fig tree!

Up up you mighty ppl you can achieve what you will, that's Marcus Garvey speaking through me.

My zeal, my zeal is eating me alive Moabites, Hittites, Canaanites, Hamites, Cushites, those great Moorish tribes.

Who broke the Roman seal? My zeal, my zeal, how long will my ppl be killed?

This United States cooperation recognizes nationality my ppl, Black is not a race and African American is not a nationality

My ppl be not deceived for America is Morocco to the far West Al Morocco, land of Amexem.

We first inhabited the Americas by way of South America, did not we Moors discover the Americas first?

One thousand years before Columbus and settled in New England?

Moroccan Treaty of 1787 all we want is our freedom

Know thyself Moor, let not religion distort your vision

Nationality, nationality the hour of recompense has come, behold the year of Jubilee.

Repent Ye seeds of Canaan, rejoice Ye woman of Moab, March Ye Hittite soldiers, rise Ye Cushite royals for the doctrine of nationality is here.

Liberate your mind American Moor of America, old Pharaoh let my ppl go!

Nationality is key, Drew Ali has returned the title to your vast estate!

Free national names are recognized by world governments

Nationality my ppl

Nationality beloved.

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