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True Value Learned

A good woman is willing to fight long and hard for

the man she loves and believes in, but just because she’s

willing to fight for you, doesn’t mean she won’t leave

you if you take her loyalty for granted.

True value is found in the love of a good woman, not

material things. The most valuable thing that I as a

man could ever have is not a watch, car, or hours, it’s

the real love of a good woman by my side.

Let your love be consistent, because if

it’s not, she will perceive it to be non-existent.

So, cherish the one who is willing to love you and be on

your side through the good, the bad, and the even

If you lost all those material things tomorrow...

So, as the sun brings for the new day I

submit a new prayer, for I used to pray and ask God to

send me a good woman

until I realized I was doing it all wrong.

So, I changed it. Now when I pray, I don’t simply ask

that He send me a good woman, but I ask that He bless

me with all the insight, patience, and understanding

that I will need to make a good woman want to stay.

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