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Mirwais Mohamadi

I've Bled Enough

The things we want
are never what we need
some things we learn easy
other lessons make us bleed
Who could've known
or could've ever seen
me stuck behind these walls
reaching out for you in my dreams
My reach never long enough
So I wake up with a scream
exhale- deeply- realizing
It was all just a dream
then these walls remind me
My life isn't a dream
My reality is 
as impossible as it seems
how can I ever 
in her eyes be redeemed
what would it mean?
A happy home a picket fence is the scene
No that's just a dream
yeah everything got twisted
birthdays I missed it
every June 5th in tears
sending you my best wishes
God only knows my intentions
I truly wanted things to be different
it didn't go as planned 
but I never lost my commitment
I'm committed
to be in your life and play my position
my vision
is to come home
or for you to come visit
a smile from you or even harsh words
for all the years I was missing
yeah I get it-I deserve only what I earn
so redemption is my mission
so much to make up 
So I'll spend my whole life trying to replenish
the type of love
only a father can give it
I've bled enough
so now I'm livid
without you in my life
I'm not living...

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