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Myles Williams #1308800

“Female” God’s Most Beautiful Creation

By: Myles Williams

The way of her smell reminds me of a hidden pasture full of exotic fruit, her eyes remind me of the abyss containing all the stars at night, her nose reminds me of a dandelion; innocent and pure, her lips like soft petals from a rose so luscious it is almost impossible to refrain from tasting them, her curves like the most beautiful sculpture ever witnessed by time, her hands reassuring with a tingle as they touch, her feet so beautiful it’s hard not to worship the ground she walks, she is so beautiful and full of compassion with everything she surrounds, the intergalactic solar system energy is set to revolve around her kind energy and aura, nursing our sick or helping our elderly, no one could take her place, giving birth to our children while also being head of household. I could not think of a more beautiful, honorable soul to be cherished, a woman, a female, God’s most amazing creation, a man’s better half that deserves the recognition for all she does. For she is an awesome power of beauty inside and out that I’d be safe to say she’s God’s most beautiful creation no doubt!

P.S. I want to dedicate this poem to every woman in the world, you mean so much!

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