Nicholas Crawford #381845

Blurry Visions Of Deceit

When I first saw you I couldn’t believe my eyes, even though it wasn’t love at first sight, I was definitely surprised. It’s rare to find someone with such a pure heart. I was looking in the wrong direction when I should’ve been following my heart from the start. I can’t describe the sensation I feel whenever our lips meet, lips so sweet honey can’t even compete.

My mirage is a façade, enter my oasis in a dark place waking up to unfamiliar faces. I wish we could trade places, physically and mentally it’s affecting me. This type of treatment is taking a toll on my life, I’m regretting asking you to be my wife. When it’s good, it’s good, when it’s bad, it’s real bad. I feel the sparks being with you, it’s amazing, I inhale the feeling but it wasn’t the high I expected. I’m sick of this roller coaster ride, I need something permanent not temporary. All you do is take but I’m so addicted, I can’t tell you no.

You come and go, come and go but all I hear is no, the love I had for you doesn’t live here anymore. This time my answer to you is no, we both can’t keep on living this lie and this is my last kiss to you, goodbye.

~Nicholas Crawford