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Nicholas Welch

My past doesn’t define who I am presently. My ways of thinking have changed. I am of a different Pedigree. Allegedly they say that they forgive you. But still keep bringing up the past that they’ve been through. Although it’s not simple to erase the pain how much time must you spend just to take this change.

Some mistakes are plain. A lot unintentional. I dread that fact of whatever I did to you. If I did get to turn back the hands of time, I wish I never had the chance to romance your mind.

I would’ve looked past you. Had a glance that blinds so you can presently live without the damage that you can’t rewind.

Despite what flaws that I may have had there’s nothing I can do to change that past. I’ll look myself in the mirror and say “it ain’t that bad”. Knowing I’m not the same person that’s always made you sad.

I take this pad and jot down my many thoughts of a heart that was once heavy and filled with remorse. I’ve been taught about forgiveness and the source of strength that’s given. When you put it to good use, it’ll make you feel authentic. With intentions of given you the power back. That you may have lost while intact with this guy that you still harbor hate for. Although it’s all love. There’s no need to say more…

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