Are You Just Passing By?

It’s a question I must ask, to all that come through. Why is just passing by, something that you must do? Why not wait for awhile, allow your courage to build up, message me from this site, leave your address, say what’s up? Is that asking too much? Am I pushing your limits? Do you fear what I might say? Are you someone who’s timid? Why not jump head first in it? I’m only a few clicks asway! Hearing from somebody new would surely brighten my day! How about you lead the way? Come on, take that first step! I won’t be far behind, following the footprints that you left. And with the conversation you dealt? I’ll take it in stride. I can be an inquiring little devil with my who, what, when, where and why’s. Seeing it through the eyes of my mind, receiving what’s perceived when…

You say something as simple as, “Hello, my dear friend!” And with my paper and pen, I’ll respond accordingly. So you won’t have to think things like, “Man he’s bring me”. More like he’s exploring me, but on a mental level though. Because questions promote confessions from those we’d like to get to know. Now do you plan to turn “Ghost” after all that I’ve said? Are you thinking, “Thanks but no thanks?” Should I give up or try again? Well, what would you recommend? Tell me, what am I to do? Seeing how it’s your friendship, that I’m trying to pursue. And if you choose to leave me without a clue. Then I must ask myself, “Why?” Could it be that you’re just like the others? The one’s just passing by!