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Introduction: The Crisis of My Shared Destiny…

To my viewers, my name is Omar Miller, from Philadelphia, PA. I’m 32 years young, handsome/A Millennium Alpha Male. I’m 5’10”, athletic built, 190 pounds, “Religion”-Black Catholic.

As for myself, I am a family-oriented person who loves his family dearly. “Children-wise” – I have a beautiful daughter, whom I adore and love so much. She’s eleven years old. However, being a father to her, no matter where I’m at, is my biggest accomplishment. She’s smart, charming and my mini-me. She’s my pride and joy and she’s my Princess…

Furthermore, I’m humble and smart, fun and romantic, sensitive, and gentile. Above all, I’m supportive. I am a man who loves and adore women, who’s intellectually mature when holding adult conversations. She knows when to turn off the switch and knows when to turn it on, by relaxing and lettering her guard down just enough to WOW me, when the chemistry is spot-on.

I’m looking forward to meeting a “God” fearing woman who’s trying to get her groove back, like “How Stella” did in the late 90’s, in that amazing box office classic.

I’m looking for a true friendship, the kind my grandmom and elder’s brag about having way back in their days, way before the Instagram and Facebook era, where communication via phone calls, via pen and pad, or face-to-face was unique and special. (It was key! It was all they had!)

I’m looking forward to meeting a woman who’s confident in who they are and more importantly, someone who wants to build a special bond with an amazing man as myself. However, in no way am I representing myself to be a saint, nor am I to be looked upon as a bad person. In fact, I can admit that I’ve made some bad decision’s in my life that hindered me in ways you can’t even imagine. Having said that, I’ve learned from my past and moved forward to be the best me in all areas and walks of my life.

I’ve learned with every lesson you learn you add more confidence and gain more strength for the next part of your journey. So, therefore, I consider this experience I’m dealing with at this current time a lesson and not a failure. If I were to consider this experience a failure, then I lose all confidence in myself and I’m confident I’ll over turn my life sentence.

I also learned that “God” will accept me with all of my flaws due to the fact the path I’m on now requires me to keep moving and eventually “God” will change my life overtime. “God” is amazing and will take all my mistakes and failure and package them for my own good. I believe in second chances. My question is, do you?

Lastly, my introduction reflects on who I am and where I stand at as a man. It breaks down the qualities I find most attractive in a woman and breaks down my effort at raising the bar for all inmates. So, I am challenging all of my viewers who have mixed feelings pertaining to corresponding with individuals behind bars, to do some soul-searching and reevaluate their thought process by not closing the door on individuals like myself and have an open-mind throughout the journey “God” has put forth in front of them. However, some will relate, and some won’t. (That’s fine!)

Here are a few questions all viewers should respond to that’s meaningful to the mind, body, and soul.

#1. What are your short-term goals?

#2. What are your long-term goals?

#3. What are your views on relationships, whether inmate or friendship?

#4. What are ideal qualities and physical attributes you want in a partner or friend?

#5. What are your thoughts about platonic friendships between men and women?

#6. What are your friendship fears?

#7. What is your personal temperament and how do you handle conflicts?

#8. What is the best way for you to be approached when you are upset? The worst? Why?

#9. If I was watching you right now, what might my first impression of you be? And what type of energy are you giving off?

#10. Describe sexy and what makes you feel sexy?

P.S. I hope I’ll be fortunate enough to connect with a variety of intelligent women from many walks of life, each at different key stages in their relationships, whether friendship or intimate, to explore private, most intimate, most challenging experiences in the hope that your open discussions would inspire me to initiate and begin our own conversations.

I’ll be brutally truthful throughout our entire journey we are about to take together. I love a woman with standards and if you don’t have any (get some!) Remember, I love a woman who’s incredibly talented and supportive and more importantly, she’s just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I love a classy and smart lady who’s outgoing, spontaneous, a good communicator, down to earth, and has a sexy side to her that appeals to all crowds when she walks and more importantly, when expressing how so truly feels about herself and others.  



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