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A Fathers Prayer

A Fathers Prayer

The longing in my life is not a prayer for me, in the deep watches of the night I pray not selfishly.
I lift her life to you, her heart I know you love. I cannot protect her now below, please protect her from above.
You see her needs as I cannot, you hear her prayers I know, you feel her tears upon your cheek, please hold her as I go.
No man could love her as I do, no heart could miss her so. But only you can lift her head and hold her as I go.
Give her strength when she is weak, and peace in place of fear. Give her eyes of faith that watch as miracles appear.
Hold her close in your embrace, the way I know I would. Hold her tight in your embrace, the way a father should.
Be her fortress from the storm, a place where she can hide. A father who she can trust, in you she can have that pride.
Although I cannot touch her face, or hold my loved one near, or see her in the morning light, wipe away her tears, or talk with her at night. I know that you will be with her and be her guiding light.
I give her to you, for she is my biggest star. Please keep her close and love her strong while I love her from far.

By: Patrick J. Sheltraw