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 Our Church


Our Church

We understand God is nearer to us in solitude.  There is a magnetic
and sacred connection that accumulates in solitude, but is quickly dissipated
by life in a crowd.  We would deem it sacrilege to build a house for the one
who is found face to face in the mysterious shadowy aisles of the primeval
forest, along winding trails, through unbroken trails of the wild forest.  Listen
to the choir of the woodland birds as they pour forth their praise from
thick foliage.  Or visit the sunlit bosom of virgin prairies. Stand upon
dizzy spires and pinnacles of naked rock.  See the one who is enrobed
in filmy veils of cloud.  There on the edge of the visible world where
our great grandfather sun kindles his evening campfire.  Whose
war canoe is launched upon majestic heavenly rivers and inlaid seas. 
Whose glory is visible in the vast jeweled vault of the moonlit
night sky.  Such a God needs no lesser cathedral.  There I confess, I
stood stunned by her beauty as if she rained blows upon my head.  Then
the fatal blow was struck to my heart when she looked up and
smiled.  Humans and nature are intimately entwined.  Man did not
weave the web of life.  He is merely a strand in it.  In such a way
that whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.

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