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Admire My Taste Part 1

Admire My Taste Part 1

Here stands the woman of words of fantasies inquisition…She is more than special V.S.O.P. involved with me like a legend and fairy tale where her affection is more than beauty to my pain who is beast. Sledge hammer to my unbreakable, brokenness…from where did you come to illuminate what I couldn’t see in my soul reflection? Are you a special spectrum of shade in an elusive vessel?

More and more you prove to be groovy baby. Inhaling your fumes under your ozone while I’m more prone to speedily trip over thoughts of your clumsiness…though I’m riding your wave on slow mode, I crave for your taste to savor your flavor. Slow motional tongue slithering through your mental flower, devouring your special nectar, Nivene on my brain, on my senses, on my tongue. Loving how you sit in my stomach and fly around like butterflies. So familiar yet I haven’t met you. Wherever you are, close your eyes and feel my lips wherever you would like them to be…just make sure they land somewhere special…far away…out of reach like stars but for only your arms to reap because you’re so special…to be continued

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