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Admire My Taste Part 2

Admire My Taste Part 2

Tonight we dine out…5 star restaurant in your direction…I think I might pick that medium rare to savor that flavor, what you think? …Pop a bottle of something aged well…while I scan every detail and alias of upscale cuisine, yeah well it seems you all over the menu love…

I think I’ll have that fresh catch drowned in Orchid Meadow, excellent choice, huh. I’m starving so I’m a compliment this meal and tip well though this course isn’t finger food. I fingered this selection myself, care for a taste? Do tell, love this feast is high end…I repeat…

Savor that taste or flavor “because” it’s high end not a drive thru or drive in, though the direction of that route allows for head first precision. So why not dive in, while you simmer and your wrappings slowly seek to beat my descent. I’m quicker in salutations to your inner secret palpitation salivation…see what I just did? … Listen carefully: “Subtitles lack translation for bigger pictures over the heads of young kids but the movies drive thru for some pigs didn’t come with napkins or enough bibs”.

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