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Against My Will

Against My Will

I continue to rise above it….
Rich in spirit my net worth
unfathomable in strength i can
muster, when life’s custom and
product is too much and out of my
Against my will i….
still rise….
like goose bumps in icy winds through
clouds “in” sky, into the open air when
the world weighs me down I’m up up
and away against my will, i am fly….
not defined….
Against my will?...
Against my will because i said so
saying more than i care to
off schedule for listening eyes
to attest to on a visionary threshold.
I mean…. I guess so (laugh-lol)
A thousand deaths over my dead body
and, written in “my will?” Forever
young so i cry still, against my…. Yeah
with no side deals “i”, pay it forward
cuz backward thinking remind me im a
die still if I don’t turn around and look wheel,
cuz history 360 when you stop still and get
into “character”…Boyyy imagine how i feel when i
found out i could’ve been Trayvon 16
and harmless and got killed….
Against my….will you would call it, I
would still be a target cuz….cops kill.
but if you’re riding down Quebeck and
find a toy car in front of 33 from
hot wheels, please return it to the man
of these words cuz i lost that treasure of
my past against my will

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