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Is This You

“Is This You”

A long lost friend who started as a pen pal
Sharing stories about our lives all the ups and the downs
Looking for a face in the crowd hoping that someone who cares is around
But still searching because that person hasn’t been found
But I won’t quit trying
‘Cause I know if I feel this way there’s somebody out there that feels the same
Good laughs in real conversations
That take you away from reality into a vacation
And I could care less if you live in my state or all the way across the nation
‘Cause one thing that goes a long way in communication
I just hope I can make you smile though and add a little flare to your day
With the pictures that I sent and this letter that I made
In hopes to give you something to do when it rains
Like write back
If you write me I’ll always respond right back
And that’s no matter where you are on the map
So how’d we get this close when we started out as strangers
When me and you didn’t even do anything major
But put words together on a piece of paper
Well I’ll tell you how
It’s cause we have more in common than you think but that’s up to you to come and see
But before I let you go
I just really have to know
Do you want to meet someone new ‘cause I’m down to write you.

Earl Smith

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