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Quashan Turner

Channels of Thoughts

The new avenue to be noticed and show your talents so the world can see your growth.

Being on topic for just a moment brings joy just to know individuals took the time to take part in my story!

Incarceration doesn't define me, just one of the many mistakes I made!

Shines light on who I am becoming to the many friends I wish to make from this journey, and bring satisfaction to the ones I hurt ending up in this situation, letting them see I'm a new entity of hope and possibility for my next chapter and saga of life!

A bond even time can't break.

I want a love that a baby has for it’s mother, that trust that never dies, that loyalty where they don't ever want her to leave their side, that worry until she enters that door to return.

Love, trust, and loyalty that you know you can depend on to make your day, bring you joy, happiness, and excitement even unknowingly!

Something I had and gave but lost hoping to regain anew!  One day the universe will provide and I will value, cherish, and give her the love, trust, and loyalty she deserves.

A commitment unbreakable, communication undeniable and enlightening journey she never experienced before, and enticing everlasting future of fulfilling desires!







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