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Distinguished Gentleman

I’m a distinguished gentleman

That likes a sophisticated lady with a bubbly personality

And know her role as a woman

And cater to her man

I can pamper much the same

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

But you’ve got to be more than a good cook to keep me

I don’t have this love thing down pat

So, I ask you to teach me

And like to take it slow

Rather than rush too quickly

I’m rough around the edges

But tenderhearted and levelheaded

And like to take long walks in the park,

Engage in pillow talk,

Watch the sunset on the beach,

And rub your feet

I’m a respectful and courteous man; Chivalry ain’t dead

I’m well-read, talented, and beyond compare

And take charge, like to cuddle

And make you smile ear to ear

I’m a distinguished gentleman

That’s attentive, communicative, and listen

Independent, spontaneous, fun, and adventurous

And know how to please his woman,

Reciprocate love and worthy of trust

And lend a helping hand when she feels overwhelmed

I’m a distinguished gentleman

But I’m not perfect

And will try to work things out

Rather than run away from problems

They say a good man is hard to find

But if you stop choosing the wrong guys

You’ll find the right one in due time

I’m a distinguished gentleman

That’s a family man in high demand

And a one-woman man

If you’re intrigued, follow my lead

I’m a different breed.

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