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Randall Hartwell #15643061


But still the same
Is it everyone else
Or just a tick in my brain
All points – all paths
From every distant place
Will at some point in time
Share a similar place
Completely different
But for a moment the same
Is it not true in our lives
We all play different games
Yet all seek a destination
So in a way we are the same
Why play stupid games
Waste life in vain
Telling each other we all have to be the same
All paths in life lead to the same place
Yet not all lives are lived
Often chances here are missed
Deluded by illusions
Purpose – Importance – Prestige
All borrowed ground
Taken away quite easily
Where does my foundation start
Have I ever searched my heart
Honesty – Integrity – Humility
These are a foundation nothing can take
Myself – By my own will
The only thing to ever make it break
So what of this world
Shopping Malls – Credit Cards – Cosmetic Surgery
Money – Status – Living in Luxury
All of these are empty
In them is no key
Can I honestly say as I dye away my gray
That I’m living my life
My “Purpose” is right
Look in the mirror – Deny Reality
Refuse to see the life that is lived
And how meaningless it is
All paths in life
Lead us to the grave
Live for a true spirit
Take it day by day
Everyone is different
But in ways we are the same
This is my life
And my soul
It isn’t a game
But still the same…



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