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Quarantine (Part 1)

Quarantine (Part 1)

My heart goes out to all of the victims we lost to the madness

All of the family, lost in the balance

I know it's hard to keep balanced and managed

The way things are now life has changed so suddenly,

can't even go out in public

Can't even count on the government, $1200 is nothing

I'm stuck in my hut, I'm wondering like

is this really the end, is it coming?

I hear the sounds of trumpets, the drums are drumming,

Saint Augustine the marching 100

I have been watching the news,

It seems like the leaders don't have a clue

about where it came from, when it'll be through.

Listen intently, search for the truth

But the truth is debatable, truth is you can't evade it

no matter how strong your community’s gate is.

It'll be over sooner or later,

stay in your home, be patient, keep praying

I'm touching my face, I'm like ‘damn’

I don't even know what to do with my hands

I can't wait for these times to pass,

until then I'm like, “where is my mask”?

Until then I'm like cats in an alley, I'm laid back,

way back, back in the can

I don't wanna sound like a pessimist, but,

please stand six feet away from me man

I don't wanna be touched, no slaps, no daps,

I cannot handle a lung attack.

There's no telling how my lungs would react.

If it happened to you, tell me what would you do?





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