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Ricardo Vasquez

“She’s Human”

I spoke to her today, and she spoke to me.

I saw in her eyes a light I have never seen before, I sensed in her voice a kindness I had never seen in her.

But I also sensed that she did not want to let her guard down.

So I asked myself, “Why is this, I know I'm on Texas death row, but don't be afraid of me, I'm human just like you, my emotions are real like yours!

Now she has me thinking, contemplating on the situation, so I keep asking myself questions about women, “Why are they afraid to let their guard down?”   Yes, I understand, they don't want to be vulnerable to the wrong person, but can a woman see in a man's eyes that he is sincere when he speaks to her?   I'm vulnerable too, and I'm willing to take a chance on a woman who is sincere about building a bond on true friendship!

I spoke to her today, and she spoke to me.

If she only knew the real me, the person I am today, she won't be afraid to speak to me!

I'm not the same person I used to be, I am a man who has matured and learned many valuable lessons from his past.

I am a person who has learned from his pain, and I will keep learning and growing into a better, stronger, and wiser individual!

The wisdom that life has taught me are gold nuggets I'm willing to share with the world even if I have to let my guard down!

I spoke to her today, and she spoke to me, and I hope she will speak to me again!

By: Ricardo Vasquez, Jr. 

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