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Rickey Zepeda #01996630


We all can be lonely at times, like starts in the galaxy, quiet, lonely as can be. I am sitting here, lonely, behind these walls of concrete. The Universe is big. The world is fast, but behind these walls it’s slow and lonely. As the days pass, I’m thinking about life out there, how it’s so beautiful, how I’m missing out on the little things that matter most. I know the world can be lonely at times, with the pandemic that’s passing through the world, just embrace strength and peace in your heart as we all weather the storm. I want to express how I feel to someone that cares to hear me I close my eyes and see the lonely light. I pray sincerely on this lonely night, “Please God, send a letter of love or someone who cares.” I long to gaze upon pages so dear, words of diamonds, or pages of gold. I need a message from heaven, as the story is told. Please bring memories of joy, family, friends, and things I love to do. I know that we all feel lonely at times. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Just embrace the light that’s behind our eyes. Life is beautiful on its lonely night, like a galaxy of stars representing life as omnipresent glow. Have the wheel of time pass over slowly.


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