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Robert Hafner #00615777

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Hello, dearest person,

I am s/he, the androgynous pansexual.

Let me begin my introduction by telling you I don’t care who you are. You are valuable, you are loved, and you are not alone. My religion is love. Love is not respective of person, no arbitrator of perfection or worthiness think agape.

I love you just the way you are: By me, ye be not judged by thee race, sexuality, gender identity, religion, or beliefs. As one activist once said, “Nothing human is alien to me.”

As for religion, I am actually a unitarian universalist, humanist, and Buddhist, all secular.

As a UU, I’m allowed the right of conscience, to choose my own locus of authority, and I find these three faiths perfectly compliment each other making me the best possible person I can be for both myself and society. The most loving, ethical, compassionate, tolerant person possible. This is an ongoing process, of course.

I can humbly say I am the kindest person I have ever known. Although there are many, I adore and venerate, especially the president of the Unitarian Universalist Association and the ex-minister of Lifespan Learning at my CLF church.

I was lucky to have inherited my kindness gene from my beautiful, mixed-race mother. She died when I was two in a car accident, so I don’t remember her, but children would come up to me at school when I was a child, and tell me their mom had known my mom, and said she was the kindest person they’ve ever known. That really made me feel good.

If I was to further define myself: I am a gifted writer, poet, activist, and humanitarian.

As a writer, humor is my forte, social justice is my passion, and poetry, my pleasure.

When it comes to activism, my idea is not so much to challenge authority as to get them to agree my solutions to so living some of our most insidious problems are reasonable, rational, and ones that can, should accept for the good of all. Think proactiveness, restorative justice, and not harsh retributive justice. We must get them to see that we may be prisoners, but we are first and foremost, human.

I am blessed with boundless afflatus: I am so creative, I often have to instigate voluntary writer’s block to get rest.

This means, I need a writing mentor like I need a hole in the head – of evil.

I plan to be one of the most influential writers of our time. I have already composed enough jokes, movie and story ideas, maxims, witticisms, poems, etc., that it would take me ten lifetimes to develop them all.

My autobiography, when finished (more on that later) will be one of the most compelling narratives ever written, with a conflict never before faced. I’m also currently working on three novels: One humorous, one humor/fantasy, and one with a social bent.

Editing is my biggest challenge. I hate it and I produce so much material daily, I can’t keep up with it. I need someone to help me manage it, set priorities, and give other much needed advice.

I am a vegetarian for the sake of the animals. Some Buddhist lineages believe we shouldn’t eat anything that had to suffer or be killed so we could eat it. I live vicariously and can’t stand to see another being suffer, or even worse, feel I’m responsible for it.

Being a vegetarian also has health benefits, some of which are my skin’s as soft as a baby’s bottom, and I have few health issues at 60.

I spend my days centering (sustaining) myself, meditating, exercising, some yoga, writing, reading (mostly non-fiction), and serving and protecting the weak and the abused. I live a purpose driven life and go to bed exhausted each night. I’ve had to learn to not insist on accomplishing everything on my daily to-do list. It often goes half undone.

This means if you’re just looking for someone to write to learn about prison life, I’m not the one. There are websites you can go to, to learn about prison life and issues. I’m looking for a pen-pal for mutual love and support, I’m not just one who wants to be informed. In this, my eve of life, time is more valuable to me than gold. I must use it wisely if I am to be the humanitarian I envision and use what’s left of my life to improve the human condition.

I realize that nothing of worth in this life is accomplished alone. That is why support is so important to me. I also believe if you want a friend to be a friend, and that happiness does not come from what we are given, but what we give. (My recent coinage.)

I believe we Texas prisoners are to be given tablets by December. My hope is I’ll be able to send and receive secure emails at that time.

Also, remember as I said earlier, my autobiography will be one of the most compelling narratives of our time: Well, I am a part of something (totally involuntarily) that has resulted in my communication being severely compromised at this time.

This means although I promise to answer all inquiries, you may have trouble reaching me. It also means it will be a miracle if this profile gets published. It is best to go to to email me. That is our current way to receive only emails. Do your best to somehow confirm receipt or notify me or prison authorities.

Know also, once you’re comfortable with my integrity and worthiness, I wish to maintain relationships – at least partially – through the offender phone system. You can sign up your phone and just as easily unassign your phone by going to It may be especially wise to do so if you have problems reaching me or have unanswered questions. I check the service weekly for signups and phone numbers.

As for my crime(s), know that except for that tragic night, I’ve never hurt anyone, and I’m not the antisocial person often found in prison.

The murder charge stemmed from an argument with my sister-in-law that got out of hand. It’s a long story. As for the kidnapping, it’s a legal technicality, meaning “Preventing a person from leaving the scene.” Not an abduction.

Way too many things came together at the same time, resulting in great tragedy and great sorrow. It could never, ever, happen again. If only I’d had a support system. I am deeply troubled and even more remorseful for the horrendous pain and suffering my actions brought into the world that night. What troubles me most, is that I fear those most affected by my actions continue to suffer to this day. I plan to do everything within my power to ease that pain someday.

These crimes, this tragedy, inspires, compels, and empowers me more than anything else. To martyrize myself to ensure no others endure my fate or that of my victims.

So then, I will end this profile by telling you I am an iconoclast, libertine, and I seek like minded persons who want to help me make a difference in the world.

Take my hand as we go step by step down the road to what we want. (smile)

Peace. Love. Happiness.

I look forward to loving you – more. (S/HE)

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