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Robert Wilcox #05839-104

“What’s It Worth”

Why doesn’t love feel real anymore???
It all seems superficial or has to be beneficial in today’s society…
So my question is, what’s it worth to you??
Is it based on financial status, physical attraction, mere physical presence, or hue…because none of these things validate that the love’s true.

So what’s it worth to you???
I figure, being there when it matters…in the midst of the storm,
Because this is more than just a spoken word poem!
I was taught that real love is strong, patient, caring, honest, loyal, trustworthy and unconditional, just to name a few…
Yet I always get back to, “What is it worth to you??”
In this cold cell lost in thoughts and dreams, praying for a woman to enter my life who’d truly see – What love is worth to Me!
A lifetime of happiness, success and longevity as well as embracing the ups just as much as the downs…yet knowing it can always be found right here with Me…
Because that’s what Love is worth to Me…Sacrifice/Dedication

(Now that you know what it’s worth to me, please feel free to write me and let me know, what’s it worth to You) :)
(Please note: Due to strict mailroom rules, letters can’t be over 5 pages and can’t be written on the front and back of the paper…)



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