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Free of the Darkness

Free of the Darkness

By: The Heartfelt Poet

I've been trapped in this darkness for so long that my eyes cannot focus. For I do not know the time of day, it could be dark or light. The only sounds I hear are the clanging of bars. It seems that my only guest has been for light even a sliver of it. Maybe even a vision of it would do my mind justice, so I can feel that I still exist. I know that the days a passing, and my time to be free is drawing near. When I do not know. All I know is that I have hope, and I cling to it with all my might. For I'm afraid if I let go, the darkness will engulf me. My will is strong, and I will not succumb to the madness in my situation. I know somewhere someone cares. A person willing to lend an ear to my voice. That will surely be a beacon of light in this darkness, a form of escape. So, I close my eyes waiting to be free of the darkness.

(Be that light)


I call myself the heartfelt poet, because my poetry comes from my heart. My muse is what I'm feeling at that time. This is a way for me to reach people in my special, own special way. Me expressing my feelings.

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