Rodney Fenner | Write a Prisoner


Rodney Fenner

Suffering in Silence

I’m suffering in silence
Really, I don’t want to be silent because my mind is plotting violence
In the form of riots against a tyrant called love who seems to have a bias
But instead I suffer in silence.
Because what can I say when every day love is on a vacay from the
Place in my heart that decays from dismay when it’s away
Making me suffer in silence
I feel so stupid like I’m clueless, but I know this because I’ve been
Through this to-do list of how you first blew it and why you’re useless
So I suffer in silence
All the while thinking why, when I can see you shine in other’s lives
Instead of mine, where time after time it’s like you’re designed to leave
Me behind
To suffer in silence
But I don’t understand because I supply what you demand, from
My heart to your hands, your smile is my plan, but alone I still stand a
Single man
Still suffering in silence
Nursing a fresh bruise from you with ice and booze, since no matter
What I do to prove I’m true, I lose and am never the one you choose
Except to suffer in silence
So should I accept love’s neglect and expect to be a reject, knowing
Happiness as a jest since I’m never next for the best of love’s success?
Or keep suffering in silence?
From this infectious disease that brings you to your knees, charging emotional
Fees and ignoring the pleas of your need to finally be free
And not suffer in silence
Maybe I’m meant to be alone in a zone all my own where safety is
Known as a home, otherwise I should just own and condone
Suffering in silence.