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Rodney Reeves

Missing My Dad

Heard my Dad was in the hospital feelin’ bad,

the news of that made me feel sad...

Oh Dad I'm missing you.

Sitting here in prison not knowing my Dads condition,

how l wished my family would give me recognition...

Oh Dad I'm missing you.

The family came together to discuss taking my Dad off life support,

Oh God please do not let them do that until I hear the doctors report...

Oh Dad I'm missing you.

News finally came about my Dads death,

when I realized he was gone I nearly lost my breath...

Oh Dad I'm missing you.

Hoping and praying I will get to attend his funeral,

my heart’s desire is to see him honored like a military general...

Oh Dad I'm missing you.

Tossing and turning all night on my prison bed,

praying to God that my eulogy will be read...

Oh Dad I'm missing you.

As my Dad’s son I was missing in action,

how deceived I was to think the pleasures of sin bring satisfaction...

Oh Dad I'm missing you.

Struggling in my heart with shame of my past,

Oh God I pray "how long will it last"...

Oh Dad I'm missing you.

Reaching from my heart to-the ones I love,

sending up prayers to the Lord above...

Oh Dad I'm missing you.

Standing on God’s promise that my Dad has eternal life,

believing that one day God will bless me with a beautiful wife...

Oh Dad I'm missing you.

Praying the Lord will let me have a son to carry on my Dads name,

life without him will never be the same...

Oh Dad your son will always miss you.

Fighting each day to keep my composure,

writing this poem to find some closure...

If you are reading this poem and you feel my pain,

please send up a prayer in Jesus’ name...

Written by Rodney Reeves

To my beloved Dad Ricky Reeves 

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