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Wild Rainbows

Become the dance, and be guided by our ingenious.

Be moved by those gifts that exist only in our imagination.

   Let our fantasies run free forever and in all ways.

One of nature’s honey dipped secrets. Any moment opens to any window.

Our rainbows will grant anything we wish.

Why settle for less than wherever and whoever we desire.

    When realities are lost and never meant to be found,

A vision is more brilliant than knowledge.


    The choice to believe. Giving ourselves permission

Generously and walking a dream into an ultimate existence.

    Why bother staring into oblivion if you have the power

To look through it and appreciate the beauty in being original.


    When we need someone to love, a place to feel adored,

Or an emotion to swim in for no reason at all.

    Dive in and channel the infinite, knowing no limitation.


    Choosing a time we enjoy, instead of crashing into one that we don’t.

    Since those we know for who we were, have become strangers to who we are.

Crushed, wanting more. Seeing each other again for the first time.


    Visit new worlds for an instant, or stay for the day.

It’s always possible to get there. The challenge is coming 

back to the place you left.


If we dare enslave ourselves to the starring role of a sad show, then let us be the last of its slaves.


The carnival of wild rainbows. The heavenly independence, and lots of fun to ride.

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