Romero Brown #00743380

My Confession

It’s time I open up, there’s no reason to hide
My pain runs deep because I’m hurting inside
Growing up I thought it was normal to be broke
But that didn’t stop my mom from doing dope
If she couldn’t get it then my butt she’d beat
I was 12 years old, she put me out on the street
I turned into a thief, “Why” you’ll see
Thinking if I support her habit, she’d love me
Over time I learned love can’t be bought
I couldn’t help wondering “Is this my fault”
If it wasn’t then why did God pick me
To live in depression and such misery
Now let’s move forward take a trip with me
To a dark place that appears to be my destiny
Trapped in a prison where nothing seems real
Been here over 20 years, imagine how I feel
My best friend hung himself from a shelf
I’ve thought about doing the same thing myself
Like a bird in a cage that just wants to be free
Anything is better than this if you ask me
I’m still yearning for what I didn’t have as a child
Someone to love me and make me feel alive
I’d give anything to have that kind of blessing
If I’m lucky that someone will come after reading my confession.

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