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Ruben Garza

Reflections seek reflections,

A mirror seeks a mirror,

A deeper conversation,

Life mirrors understanding.

Reflections seek life,

Understandings and challenges,

Games being played,

Play them elsewhere.

A reflection seeks education,

Education to mirror a future,

A future to reflect on education,

An education’s reflection reflects a mirror.

Life reflects who we are,

Our mirrors communicate,

Reflections seek answers,

Answers seek reflections.

A reflection studies concepts,

Understanding their reflections,

Life wouldn’t mirror life without,

A concept needs our reflections.

Reflections create our art,

A conversation deeper than our heart,

An action is our mirror,

Our mirrors - our reflections.

A conversation’s reflection,

Seeks life’s reflections,

A marathon of life's mirrors,

Lifestyles of reflections.

Reflections are our nerd,

A science - an understanding,

Communication of intelligence,

A reflection of reflections.

We are mirrors - we reflect,

Our intelligence our Military,

Reflections of honor,

Respect we seek to reflect.

Reflections seek curiosity,

Reflections seek lifestyles,

Our mirrors seek life to mirror,

Our reflections - our mirrors.

Mirrors to mirrors,

Reflections to reflections,

A mirror of reflection,

Reflections need our mirrors.

Reflections seek history,

History mirrors a past,

A reflection of life’s history,

Friendships missed but not forgotten.

A conversation seeks reflections,

Mirrors seek our understanding,

Reflections mirror our reflections,

Reflections seek reflections.


Ruben Garza Jr. 

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