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Samuel Everhart #1155660

"Aquamarine Memories"

Do you ever truly ponder
What color is the sea.
Just how deep is the water
is it blue or is it green.
Count the many grains of sand
that number the beach.
Maybe you begin to wonder,
are things ever as they seem.
Miles & Miles
as far as the eye can see.
Do the ocean and sky
ever really meet.
A mirage upon the horizon
where I want to be.
The tides wash by,
giving way to our feet.
I am reminded like deja vu
will I ever get clean.
This place has our stain on it,
may they never forget you and me.
Got to air out these open wounds
I just need to be free.
A salty wind blows,
oh how bad it stings.
Try to navigate tumultuous waters,
yet know not what they mean.
Unsettled and floored,
like a sailors drunken dreams.
When it rains it pours,
your ghost is in the breeze.
Nightmares that thunder and storm,
restless sleep and sweaty sheets.
These are complicated shores,
I'm  not sure I can leave.

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