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Samuel Geddie #0143510

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My name is Samuel Geddie. I got into some trouble during an unfortunate situation back in 2015. I had my life together, finally. I was searching for legal representation for the 2015 charges. The attorney representing me at the time and I had a conflict of interest which the NC State Bar was aware of. In 2017, I was in court on an unrelated matter in Pasquotank County in NC. I was there with an attorney with whom I had a conflict of interest, due to a motor vehicle violation, and the 2015 matter was called up in court.

After both my attorney and I voiced for the court we had a conflict of interest for which the NC State Bar was aware, the court forced my attorney to represent me in this matter anyway. As a result, he was not prepared, none of my evidence or witness statements were present, and we were not even allowed a continuance to gather information. It is part of the legal transcript from that day in court in 2017 that the court was aware of me and my antics to stall a trial and would proceed regardless of any other factors.

Needless to say, because of the court's bias against me; no witness statements, no evidence, and an attorney who was not only unprepared to try the case but with whom I had a known conflict of interest, I found myself doing to max sentences for crimes I was mostly innocent of. These sentences were not only outrageous and unfair but were sentenced to me consecutively. Without legal representation, I will die inside the walls for crimes I did not even commit. My rights were violated in so many ways that day in court.

Post-conviction, I had acquired an attorney. He died unexpectedly of a fatal heart attack in July of 2019. I had paid him nearly $8,000, and when he died he did not have a trust set aside for this. I was told by the state attorney none of the monies I paid on a case that had barely been worked on would be returned to me. I desperately needed this money to hire a new attorney. I was told by the estate attorney to contact the NC State Bar Client Relief Fund. I did that and filed a suit to try to get some of the money I paid my late attorney returned.

Because the legal fees paid were not used fraudulently or for any type of embezzlement, none of the money I paid for my post-conviction representation was returned. He and I had never met, only communicated via my fiancee and snail-mail, and had not even reached the point of filing a MAR. I have lost my right to have the case heard in federal court because, unbeknownst to me, I had only one year from the date of his last filing to file a new (another) motion. I found this out a mere 28 days before the 365th-day deadline.

Needless to say, I am broke. I have no way of acquiring attorney fees for myself within these walls. I have a very strong post-conviction case. It doesn't matter how strong my case is without someone to represent me and speak for me in open court. After my incarceration in 2017, I had another legal issue arise. I was locked in a no-contact visitation room for 10 hours after visitation ended. As it turned out, I was never supposed to have been getting no-contact visits. So when visitation was over and all no-contact inmates had been taken to their cells an hour earlier (I was always allowed two hours) they completely and totally forgot to let me out. I beat on the door at the back of the room, beat on the Plexiglas for hours and hours but no one came.

I was dehumanized, humiliated, made to go without food or water, missed medications I desperately needed, and had several panic attacks only to be given an extra bowl of cereal and some TV time at 3 AM when I was found. It took an inmate asking where I was for them to even realize I was missing because a sergeant cleared count like I was on the floor. I filed grievances and I began to be targeted by prison staff, of which I am still being targeted to this date. My fiancee and I have very detailed documentation of all that occurred following this incident on April 26-27th of 2018.

I wanted an attorney to represent me in suing the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, but I could not and still cannot find an attorney willing to take my case. I begged from April 27th to present to receive medical attention for injuries sustained during the incident, and I have still received nothing more than an Advil. I am in desperate need of legal representation for both of the cases. I am doing my best to represent myself due to my unfortunate circumstances and my unwillingness to sit here taking no action and die within these walls.

I know my chances are greater at winning both of my cases with someone who knows the ins and outs of the legal system better than I do. It is my hope that in creating this profile someone will see it and help me.

I need finical help, legal help, prayer, and anything else anyone is willing to do to assist me.

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Goldsboro High School
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Goldsboro, NC


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Samuel Geddie #0143510
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