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An Uncle's Love

An Uncle's Love

Babylon saying we got to be in by 7:00 o'clock.

Funny how everybody be rushing to them polls to pay them dues.

Only for good old Samuel to come and steal right from the plate.  He been watching and plotting.

Creating all these social media’s for distraction while consuming our innermost secrets.  How dare he?   Sitting up here waiting on Jesus to take us home.  How dare them?   Constantly screaming out loud, peaceful marches to the abyss.   Losing focus on how our homes ain't never been our homes.   How our wives have never been our wives.   Forgetting our true name once they brung us here.

Hoodwinked!   I tell you.   Confused, forever castaways off the Mayflower.   Fairy lies of what may have been had we all just listened.

I'm coming home, back to the place I belong.  Never assessing the rewind button, trapped in this godless place just West of Canaan.   Illusions of white angels glowing to set us free.

While convincing us that black demons are the reason for all our problems.

By Sean Cunningham

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