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At Sunset

The sun sets differently on this side,

Your expectation of beautiful skies,

Filled with colors that’ll bring you to tears,

Are hardly ever seen by the naked eye…

I can’t even remember the last time I cried,

Nor can I remember the last time I smiled…

Caged like one of the wild…

Looking out my window,

Sometimes I see a star, see the moon and howl,

Then it’s quickly gone, covered by a cloud…

And the rain starts to pour,

Puddles began to form,

I’m dehydrated so I’m drinking from the floor,

Pacing back and forth,

Trying to figure out what am I really living for…

Living conditions worse,

Than when I was living on a floor..

See, I know what it’s like to have nothing,

Being poor…

See, I know what it’s like having no family,

Being alone…

Product of a broken home,

Disadvantaged background pulling me down…

But I ain’t ever cave in,

Waiting for the sun to rise from within,

And maybe then I’ll be given a fair chance,

With the opportunity to win…

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