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Stephen Festa

"You Need Better"

Just tell me what you want to do
because you're still with him and I'm oh so blue...
Tell me the truth, Tell me if I'm wrong
And if I really am then I'll just move along.
You're in a situation where you just feel stuck
But I can get you out of this mire and muck.
Tell me-have you had enough; do you want it to end?
because your broken heart I can fix and mend.
I'll stay by your side, both day and night
And I'll treat you better-I'll treat you right.
So come to me and stop wasting your time
Just give him up, so I can call you all mine.
I know what I'm saying may sound risky or bold
But you won't regret it, and I'll treat you like gold.
So please just tell me what you want to do
Because once I'm all yours, I'll move mountains for you.
Please give me an answer or at least a clue
Baby, can't you see...that I want only you?
So please come with me; don't run or hide
And I promise that I'll always be by your side.
Today and tomorrow; now and forever-
I promise that we will always be together.

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