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Stephen Festa #16568-014

“Broken Pieces”

All you ever had to do was stay and never leave
You told me that you loved me; that I’m all you’ll ever need.
You had me wrapped around your finger – you really had it made
But you walked out the door instead and all we had just went away.
I told you that I was going to take a chance and let you in my heart
You said that it would be worth it; that we’d never be apart.
You told me it would be a love that lasts; one that goes on forever
But you ruined it instead, and I won’t have you back – no, never.
You’re still begging me today to give you another chance
But I’m telling you straight up: Your way I won’t even glance.
We had everything we could ever want, and even so much more
But you left me alone instead; picking my shattered heart up off the floor.
Now you’re looking like I’m at fault; you’re looking oh so glum
But my heart’s already off the floor; I didn’t leave you even a crumb.
Remember: You’re the one who ended it; so you have no right being mad
You caused your own pain and guilt; it’s your fault that you’re so sad,
You tried to have it both ways: You wanted him and now me?
But you can’t leave and just come back; it’s not so simple, can’t you see?
So now you’re spinning like a top, frantically going “Round and Round”
But you did this to yourself; took our love and burnt it to the ground.
So, I’m turning my back on you for good; I don’t need this useless fight,
I’ll find someone who really loves me; Someone who will always treat me right.




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