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Frost of true colors in a freeze of time, without a guide how can you overpass the dark. Crumble in confuse with the word goodbye or by people that claim everything is matter of time. Scale without balance are the day and the night, I’m healing the scars with the tears of my eyes. True colors beings with the bottom of your heart, so don’t be a stranger when love can keep you warm. Be a gem, riddles put to the test. Be water on a desert, be a bless, to cultivate trust in the middle of the mess, and to take care of you, turning the world pert. Creative, making rapprochement with a new friend, in an honest relation, nothing to be afraid. We will find a route even in a dead end, so let me hold you down, even if rains. I am determined, I keep my promise inside a cul-de-sac, flying with your company from the norther wind, to go through obstacles to the airy, lofty. Our reality is overcome everything that is coming. Our path as friends is knowing that we are not lonely, that you can have me by your side as I have you in mine. You are a star. You are a flower, so keep it in mind, that you can be everything, even in a cul-de-sac.

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