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Friends to the End

Friends to the End

I'm constantly encouraged to create something the reader can savor, it's always my mission to prepare a literary meal.

With adequate flavor something that leaves them feeling full and looking for my next piece, thought provoking poetry that's destined to live in souls and never cease.

Experience these epiphanies that suddenly come to me in a flash, I'm addicted to seeing people's reactions to my prophetic splash, the look of awe I see etched in many faces simply blows me away.

If it weren't for pen and paper, I wouldn't be able to brighten the day, writing allows me to escape my stress and provide an outlook for others in need.

This is why I'm grateful for my ability to use words that heal and intercede.

To live in a negative place and still be able to tap into positivity, it's the perfect example of refusing to let anything stifle productivity.

My inner flame couldn't adhere to the heat of this floetic passion without the help and inspiration those who come before me and embraced poetic action.

So I'm confident with this gift I have in all its dividends, reassured by the fact that creativity and I are friends to the end.


Steven Nelson

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