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Taqwa Khalid Khalifah #098255


Houk Just to be Honest – Honestly – Honesty do not exist.
Just to be Honest – Honestly – Honesty do not exist.

Here’s the gist of it
Being shot down,
Slaughtered and murdered in
The streets, over-sentenced and
Buried alive in these
Modern day concentration camps
USA Penal Systems
Rough rugged raw penitentiaries
Breonna Taylor
Cover Up
No Camera
No Charger
Cover up
Crooked Cops
Straight Corrupt
8 shots fatal
To the beautiful earth
Enough, enough.

I’m a
Tell you what’s crazy!
Getting harder and harder
Crying out to the father
Asking for help with no answers –
In the world
Kids dying from cancer
Give us a chance bruh
How much hate will we stand for
They won’t let us breathe –
Putting they knees on our neck –
See that’s symbolic for how they really fee
“Bout our Respect”
Your skin
Been kissed by the “Sun”
You in the presence of a God
So you should treat me like one –
And Black Lives Matter

You see the signs of the time –
Is us incarcerated a life time –
Ignite mind
And you’ll find
You’re one of a kind
Let your star shine
Even if you stuck in a bind
Continue to climb II
And for that thought
They still try to punish me
Trump’s New World Order puts us
In slavery.

Honesty –
Houk – Just be Honest – Honestly – Honesty
Do not exist
Here’s the gist of it – they want us all
In bandages if you resist – they’ll kill
You dead – Don’t care if it’s witnesses
Just put they hands in
Their pockets and smile for the witnesses
Let’s be completely honest –
Peep all this hate among us
Discreetly it’s exposed.
It still grows like a fungus –

Problems already humongous
For our kind anyway
“Racial Profiled”
Is the cops style on
Any day – illegal or legit
They don’t give a s**t
You’re Colored –
Illegal, choke hold
Tagged toes
From being smothered
One move that’s studied
It can be fatal
Even if you freeze –
Even if you not resisting
You tell em
You can’t breathe
They continue to squeeze
That’s another symbolism
They break you in the system
And the rules twist ‘em
So you can’t walk
A straight and narrow
They made it crooked
But we suppose to see they integrity
Must’ve overlooked it.

I was one of the first Gods
They tried to put in a hearse –
18 years old from my birth
19 shots burst P.J.’s/Dancy’s Oil Company
Thinking the worst
Ask the Big “C” if you don’t believe me
He’ll speak on this curse –
And be the first
To tell you it’s true
He saw it all
My will to live
Is the only reason I didn’t
Fall and I’m still thriving and
Striving to deliver to his science
For a true United One Race Alliance

We Can’t Breathe
We’re Under Seige


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