Tedric Dudley | Write a Prisoner


Tedric Dudley

Not Who I Used To Be

Look at me, what is it that you see? Is it the tattoos that
Have a gangster’s history, or, is it truly…Me? I hope
So because believe it when I tell you, I’m very much not
Who I used to be. Ah, man I’ve heard it said many ways
And ten times too many. “Don’t no one want you, you’re a killer,
The people’s enemy” and to it I shake my head no longer feeling
Defeated because, unlike them I know, I’m not, who I used
To be. Yet I pray that the days will come that they start to
Realize how easy they could’ve been me, and understand that
We’re not all that different. Though some lack the tattoos, the
Self-righteous beliefs, they still share the trying to get right
Just like me. Believe it or not, I cried too, even prayed that man
Didn’t die just like you. I even confessed to it not because “they
Had me”, because they had nothing, but only because I knew
I needed to. Can you begin to imagine my everyday ridicule?
“Man You crazy!” “Homeboy You stupid” “I would never do what you did!”
“You’s a fool!” So the song goes, but little do they start
To see the truth in the least. Homie, I am truly now what nor
Who I used to be. Welcome to the new and improved,