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Timothy Crawford #19719359

“Wish We Were”

Baby – What it do? Why do I have goosebumps thinkin’ of you?
Baby – What it do? I really wish we were – when I’m thinkin’ of you.

I flip the “2 of cups” – when I’m thinkin’ bout you
That’s “LOVE” & the feelings that you put me through.

Since you came into my life – you inspire what I do
But with more time to my mind – I aint right for you.

You come to my life unexpected
Serendipitous surprise – Str8 Blessin’

Since you replied to my line – Str8 Hooked I aint messin’
Like a drug to my soul – I’m alive from your essence.

“Fallin’ Hard Boy” – Girl it’s the same
You emblazon my soul & circulate my brain.

You articulate adventures – Wanna follow your way
But I got Big Dream$ - you thinkin’ different things.

It hurts to fall so hard – just for you to fall off
But attachment is pain – release my chains so I can walk.

Everything happens for a reason real talk
I wish we were – But you taught me a lot.

I know you think about me a lot
But True Love has no second thoughts.

Plz tell me the truth – Do I make you feel on top?
Plz give me your worries – I’ll take em off.

I know 8 years is a lot to commit…
I don’t blame that your faith is diminished.

Tho I gave you my heart and my word that I was with it
But you on to the next & I got dreams that I won’t give in.

But you gave me a lot and I’ll never forget it –
I was sure it was us and that we’d get it.

Thought you my gift from God – But I misread it
But when I give it more thought just forget it.

I hope you everything on your journey of you
Imma pursue tattoos & do music.

But when you see me on TV – You’ll remember – DeJavu`
Remember all the times I said I loved you.



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