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Extraordinary Woman

Extraordinary Woman

You are a perfect painted picture of perfection.

your beauty, your essences, your warmth, your love, and your presence.

You give me the feeling of heaven on earth,

You're my inspiration and my motivation.

You are truly God's greatest creation.

You have the beauty of an Angel that is heaven sent.

The Royal features of a Queen your beauty evident.

The mind of a scholar that possesses the power to break and control the hearts of many men.

All I ask is you let down those walls and invite me in.

I was told beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Beautiful Queen, crown holder, I could be your King and soldier.

Maybe I am just a foolish dreamer, but on my journey to freedom.

I will be the architect and creator of your Queendom.

Because this feeling inside that I'm revealing inside got me feeling a side most would shield and hide.

I need you more than ever because I can achieve and accomplish more when we're together.

My situation caused separation through this journey your heart will always be my destination.

In past times many have witnessed my imperfections upon my release and resurrection.

You will experience a glimpse of perfection through my words, my presence, and many life lessons.

A spiritual connection, as our souls cross the intersection of past reflections.

In a world filled with fantasies, how can I bring this extraordinary woman into my reality?


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