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Dear Mrs. Forever

Dear Mrs. Forever

I can't hold you girl, lately you've been on my mind.  

Keep it all the way 100, most people take their life to find.

Anyone can hold you down, but I'm tryna help you climb

If you let me know your essence, growth follows close behind.

I can see the future and it happens overtime

You see love's a balance beam and I'm just tryna walk the line.

I want you as my Bonnie, you need me as your Clyde.

We can walk in the light side by side, plus when you need, lean on me like Eastside high.

I'm a man first, the more I fail, the more I try

So let me be the one when you need someone to dry your eyes.

Show me your soul, let me see deep inside, kisses from your neck to navel, I'll give you butterflies.

Let me taste your nectar, use my tongue to caress your inner thighs.

I can give you sweet dreams, whisper 1000 lullabies, but I'd rather share the truth over lust and lies.

Until they pull up in hearses or until the end of time, I'll lay it out in these verses, how you’ll be forever mine.