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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Victor Alvarado

Challenge #One: Food

Eating healthy in this "Cosmopolitan" place it is very challenging: Food is very expensive, and you have to be part of the "right" network to get it and there is also other "variables" that have to be taking into consideration: it can be taken away at any time and even get you in trouble, I have lost good time (27 days) twice!!!

Onions $3 dollars, Bell Peppers $3, Tomatoes $2, Cucumbers (more challenging) $4, Celery (way more challenging) $6, Chicken breast 2 flat new books of mail stamps = $20 (the "Euro" of this ecosystem) for a bread bag. Boiled eggs 20 for 1 flat book, Bananas $1, apples $50 cents. And everything is very limited.

You [must] know the "right" people and you have to "adjust": Kitchen "Bandits" are the most *peculiar* of all. (My future wife will LOVE the super-social skills I have developed by dealing with these "characters". I can make the kitchen thieves feel and believe they are "Celebrities"). Things must be said and done for a tomato, no question. (I'm glad there are no strawberries here, I've experiencing many "ethic failures", definitely). And there is fish; Tilapia and Pollock, beautiful fillets. But what, are you kidding? Do you really believe that one of our "Socialites" (also known as *Kitchen Cooks*) of this All-Inclusive (males-only) Resort are going to waste their Uber-valuable time baking fish for a dummy? Really? Fried fish is the most sought-after "amenity" on the menu. Out of my reach, totally.

No Super-Powers, just Jose.