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Victor Hernandez #242848

I’m from East Phoenix, you can tell how I talk,
An I gotta lil bop every time that I walk.
She got the Lovis shoes with the suede on the tip,
With the Seven skinny jeans, lookin fly as a jet.
This Gucci boy fresh, drippin all in the pen,
The first time she wrote she like, “Let’s be friends”.
She sent a couple flicks she like, “My name Lala,
Bet you got hella girls cause you look like a baller”.
I wrote her back laughing like, “Don’t be drama,
I’m bout love and money and believe in Karma”.
We let the time pass, then we built that trust,
Now she all up in the visit an we kickin it tough.
I met a lotta girls but they not like this,
Whoever she was with before this just gave me a gift.
Cause now she like, “I swear to God I put my life on us,
Baby boy I’m yours till my body is dust”.
It’s like she reached through the glass an my heart she touched,
With a tear on my face, cause this Death Row love…
By Victor (Lil Chico) Hernandez



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