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Vincent Harper #145906

The Journey Of Heart

When Heart was born a voice said to him, you’re gong to search for the best thing Life has to give. Heart asked what is that? The voice replied, Love, so Heart set out on a journey to figure out who she was. But when Heart starts his journey, he meets Life, Heart thinks Life is a bully and isn’t very nice. Life is always picking on Heart and starting a fight, Heart hasn’t done anything and doesn’t know why? One day after a fight between Heart and Life, Heart had gotten beat up and he began to cry. Heart was sitting on the ground when Soul walked by, Soul spoke to Heart and asked what was wrong? So Heart tells Soul about what’s been going on, Heart tells Soul, I’m looking for Love, Life was supposed to bring her but all Life brought is pain and misery, so now I’m kind of lost. Soul tells Heart you may think Life is mean, but he’s only getting you ready for the best thing, see you can’t appreciate Love if you don’t know what she’s worth and you have to experience pain in order to be cured. Because once you meet Love you have to know how to treat her, or you’ll lose her to Life until the next time you meet her, cause she can be cruel and leave you broken, or play with your emotions and have you feeling hopeless. But if you treat her right, she’ll stand right beside you and together you’ll go far and nobody can stop you. When Heart heard this, he wiped away his tears and went looking for Life knowing Love would be his…

Written by: Vincent Harper

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